Client Spotlight: Magic Gift Shop

This is the first of a series of post I plan to do highlighting our clients and some of the less obvious input we have behind the scenes. Not all of the work that we do is design related, we also offer our clients a variety of consultancy based services, and this is a perfect example of one such client. is a small home-run business providing personalised gifts for children. Their products include personalised growth charts, music CD with songs that sing whatever name you specify when you order (which I personally think is a clever idea) and other similar products that will make a child smile.

For this client Jigsaw Spain has provided consultancy on advertising strategy, social networking techniques and small site tweaks that will encourage people to stay on the site longer and (hopefully) purchase one or more of their products. Our input started by offering advice on Pay-Per-Click advertising, weeding out inefficient adverts and focusing the advertising campaign on more productive products. Our main aim was to reduce the ‘Bounce Rate’, the percentage of clients who arrive at the site and leave after viewing the first page. Early success in this area led us to finding ways to further reduce the bounce rate through minor tweaks to the site, such as changing the page clients land on when they arrive at the site, and changing the experience they get on that page, after all, in the first 15 seconds of exposure, most clients have already decided whether they like your site or not!

The final step in our plan is to improve the social networking strategy by finding ways to encourage users of the popular networking sites to consider visiting This can be as simple as posting information about the site, or as much as creating special pages devoted to products and services offered by the client.

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned in this post and would like some more information, please head over to our contact page and get in touch!

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