Introducing WPMU DEV

Lead developer here at Jigsaw Spain Web Design, Elliott Bristow, has recently joined as a member of their customer support team! This new role has exposed him, and Jigsaw Spain, to a great range of  Wordpress plugins that we wanted to take a moment to tell you about.

WPMU DEV operate a members only community who have created a suite of over 140 plugins and 160 themes that that they provide for free to their subscribed members, including full technical support, unlimited downloads and free updates. For just $79 for a months access to over 300 products, you’re looking at less than $0.26 per product (about €0.22 or £0.20)! Some of these products you may already be aware of, some you may have even used without realising (Free lite version of a few are freely available from! Let’s have a look at one of two to see how these plugins might help you.

MarketPress (v2.8.3 at time of writing)

The MarketPress plugin is one of the leading e-commerce plugins available for WordPress. IT covers a wide array of features, including physical and digital product sales, multiple payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, etc), product variation listing, coupons and sale pricing, tiered shipping (and in some cases automatic shipping calculation), everything you could need to set up your own online store.

For full details of this plugin, follow this link :

Membership (v3.4.3.1 at time of writing)

Ever wanted to set up a website where only your paid members can access your premium content? With the Membership plugin it’s simpler than taking candy from a baby (babies can still have teeth you know)! This plugin lets you designate pages, posts or even parts of pages and posts as members only, so that your visitors must sign up before they can get to see what you have in store for them. Memberships can be offered for free, or on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, with the flexibility to add advancing membership schemes (30 days free then €x/month for example). This plugin also provides coupon support, multiple payment gateways and even remote PINGs so that you can send an update to another website or service when a user joins or leaves your membership scheme. How cool is that!?

To get your hands on the Membership plugin, head to :


So what does the move to WPMU DEV mean for Jigsaw Spain? Good question! At this stage it’s hard to tell. Jigsaw Spain will continue to service its existing customers, all outstanding work will continue and all existing deals offered to clients will be honoured.

This website will probably transform to take a slightly different form. We are looking at exactly how things will change in more detail at the moment. Watch this space for more updates and changes!