PeoplePerHourTo help our potential clients feel confident in their decision to use Jigsaw Spain for their website design, we thought we’d put together the following portfolio of projects we have worked on in the past. The input we have had on these projects varies from complete design and implementation down to programming of plugins and addons for existing systems.

Hopefully you will see from the portfolio that we will accept website design jobs of all sizes, from simple three page information sites, to rich interactive online databases with all the trimmings. Nothing is too small or too large and we will give a competitive price for every website design.

If you have any questions about our portfolio, please head over to the contact page and ask away!

Rizzo Restaurant


The Rizzo Restaurant is a high quality restaurant in Ciudad Quesada, a town in the Alicante provice of Spain.

This design features a number of fiddly technology tweaks, including a ‘sticky footer’ and a dynamic food menu, which the client is able to customise in the administration section of the site.

Incidentally, we love this restaurant! Their food is fantastic and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Fleet Cron


We had great fun working on this Star Trek themed site.. not just because we’re avid Trekkies, but because it gave us the opportunity to try out a few new tricks!

Most notable about this site was a treknique (sorry!) which allowed the page footer to stick nicely to the bottom of the page no mater what size the visitors browser window is, and without any annoying content overflow or unexpected scroll bars!

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Fansite

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Fansitecallofdutyblackops.co.uk

The Call of Duty Black Ops Fansite proved an interesting project. With 2 full wordpress themes and a skin for the site’s forum, there were a lot of challenges to overcome to get this site to look good while still providing it’s users with a useful experience, and maintaining the flexibility for good Search Engine Optimisation.

Zen Property Consulting

Zen Property Consultingwww.zenproperty.com.au

With this one, we didn’t do the whole site design, but we were brought in to jazz up the existing theme.

Our main input was the addition of the dynamic footer (using the same ‘sticky footer’ techniques as Rizzo Restaurant), including the development of a customised Twitter feeder (TweetFeed).


Screenshot of the JGSW.me websitejgsw.me

JGSW is a side project of Jigsaw Spain, which come in the form or a URL shortener (A way to turn long website addresses into a shorter address which is easier to share with your online friends). We toyed around with using ready-made scripts to achieve this aim, but in the end there’s nothing like a home-baked website.