Here at JigsawSpain we design more than just web sites. As a web development specialist, we also provide themes, add-ons and plug-ins for a number of online applications, for example, we have produced:


Free WordPress Themes

Occasionally we create a theme for ourselves just to make things easier. We make these themes freely available to assist other WordPress developers around the world.

  • JigsawBase – A basic, cut-down theme that we use as a starting point for many of our themes. Based on the popular BoilerPlater theme.

Premium WordPress Themes

As the popularity of the WordPress platform continues to rise, we decided to start making a few premium themes that can be used on any site for a 1 off payment.

Please feel free to browse through the themes we have available by selecting from the options below:

  • Bubbley – Light and… well… bubbly. This theme offers custom headers and background images, as well as animated menu buttons and cross-browser compatibility. (Currently in beta Testing)

Premium Add-ons

Many of our products are available for free to download from the relevant suppliers’ marketplaces. However, some that have taken considerable time and effort to produce attract a small charge to cover the cost of development.

To get more details about our premium add-ons and plug-ins, select the relevant plugin below:

LatestPosts for OpenRealty®

With the massive updates included in OpenRealty® 3 came the improvements to their blog system, which sparked a lot of interest. While this blog system has many strengths, it came without the ability to list the most recent posts any where on your site.

LatestPosts provides this functionality by listing the top x latest blog posts. You can specify how many posts adn what format you want them in using the included settings.php file (which may be replaced by a admin page later on).

For full details, visit our LatestPosts page. For after-sales support, please visit the Jigsaw Support section.

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