LatestPosts for OpenRealty

LatestPosts for OpenRealty
LatestPosts for OpenRealty

The LatestPosts plugin is designed to offer functionality which allows the site owner to display the latest posts from their OpenRealty® blog on any page of their site.

Making use of OpenRealty®’s QuickTag system, LatestPosts provides a new tag, ‘addon_latestposts_display’, which shows the latest posts from the blog in a configurable format.

Buy the LatestPosts Add-On now.

1 Domain Licence : €7 / £6 / $9.00
5 domain bundle: €27 / £22 / $35
(You can tell us about the other domains on the payment page)

Your licence entitles you to all future updates of LatestPosts for OpenRealty®. Simply return to the download page when a new release is available.

Why not subscribe to the LatestPost Release feed so that you know when we release a new version?

Pay In Euros
Domain Name for Licencing

Pay In Sterling
Domain Name for Licencing

Pay In Dollars
Domain Name for Licencing

Once your payment has been confirmed the domain names you provide will be added to our approved licence list, and a link to the download page will be emailed to you. If you would rather the details be emailed to a different address than the address you use to make the payment, please let us know on the payment form.

Installation and Configuration

The add-on comes bundled with a settings file called settings.php. Edit this file in any text editing package (such as notepad or wordpad) to customise the number of posts to show, and the format they should be shown in. The settings.php file contains instruction on how to do this.

After that, as with all OpenRealty® add-ons, simply drop add-on in to your add-ons folder and you’re good to go!

What if I Have a Problem?

Our support team are always ready to help. If you come across any problems, simply head over to our Support Page and submit a ticket. A member of our team will be with you in a jiffy!

I paid and my licence is activated but I lost the email with the link in it!

Don’t worry, you can download the latest version here!


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